God's Answers to Man's Questions About the End of Time

B. J. Clarke 

B.J. Clarke presented a series of lessons on "God's Answers to Man's Questions About the End of Time " from July 10, 2011 through July 13, 2011. If you would like to hear any one of these informative lessons, simply click on the link under the lesson which you wish to hear. The charts used in this series are also available.

Will Jesus Establish an Earthly Kingdom?
Will There Be a Rapture Before the End of Time?
What Does Revelation Say About the End of Time?
Will There be Signs at the End of Time?
What Will Happen at the End of Time?
Will You Be Ready for the End of Time?

Charts used for this series of lessons: 





B. J. Clarke was a member of the adjunct faculty of the East Tennessee Schoolof Preaching and Missions from 1989-1990. In the fall of 2006, he became a member of the faculty at the Memphis School of Preaching, where he presently serves as an Instructor, and as Dean of Admissions. Brother Clarke teaches Bible Geography, a course on Pre-millennialism, and textual courses on 28 of the 39 books of the Old Testament. He also teaches in the third year program offered by MSOP. Brother Clarke is the director of  FOUNDATIONS, a weeklong annual training camp for young men (13-18 years old), conducted on the campus of the Memphis School of Preaching.