Do You Believe?
 (Bobby Key)
Many years ago, Robert Ingersoll was traveling in England. He was staying in a small hotel somewhere in the midlands. A noted preacher was also staying in the same hotel. Upon learning that the famous Ingersoll was a fellow-guest at the hotel, the preacher asked for an interview and sat down to converse with the noted agnostic. In the conversation the preacher asked, “Mr. Ingersoll, some months ago I wrote to you challenging you for a debate concerning the Bible. Why did you not respond?”
Ingersoll thought for a moment and then asked the preacher, “Do you believe baptism is necessary for salvation?” The preacher responded that he did NOT believe that it was required. Mr. Ingersoll then asked for a copy of the Bible, and when he received it he opened it to Mark 16:16. He read, “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.” Mr. Ingersoll then explained, “I don’t believe that verse and neither do you. Why should I debate the Bible with you.”
The agnostic had a point! It finally reaches the point of faith. If one believes that Jesus is the Son of God, he must also believe what Jesus said. Jesus taught that baptism stands between the sinner and salvation. Baptism is a command of God (Acts 2:38). Who am I to dispute or doubt what Jesus taught? My duty is to believe it and do it!